Glaze Mixing Supplies!

These are items that I personally use in my home studio.  This isn’t top of the line equipment, but instead essential items that I have used and can recommend!

Note: These are affiliate links.  You do not need to buy from them, but if you do, I will get a very small commission that helps me run this site. Okay, the label maker isn’t essential, but it is cheap and super handy in keeping things neat!

 .001 Electronic Lab Scale

I like it so far!  Plugs in so batteries are never an issue. It is bigger than the picture looks!  I got this through the Amazon Warehouse deals so it was a steal!  Mine seemed like new!

Emulsion Blender

(I will be honest, I kept this for the kitchen and am using my old kitchen one in the studio now.)  

Again, I used the Amazon Warehouse deals – seemed brand new to me!  Still in plastic and everything!

3M Respirator 6000 / 6300 for use with P100 Filters

P100 Filters

I couldn’t find the filters in my local Home Depot or Lowes right now (probably due to Covid), but they did have one mask left at Lowes. I think the price is better on Amazon – but reviews suggest watching for fakes on the filters!

Brother P-touch PTH110 Label Maker

Label all the things! Uses TZE 231 Labels – I buy off-brand and they work fine!  This isn’t top of the line but works just fine for my labeling needs in the studio!

Label Tape for Labeler

These work fine – I have never needed to buy the Brother brand!

32oz Deli Containers with Lids

$53.68 / 240 ct at

These work great for storing small amounts of material and test batches of glazes.  I did notice that the sets I had stored in a box had some cracked lids after 6 years of neglect.  But, for the price – I would still buy again!

1 Gallon Plastic Buckets with Lid

  • Pails: $2.60 / each (min 5)
  • Lids: $.60 / each (min 5)


These are working out great so far.  I originally bought some from Amazon that were more expensive and flimsy – these are much sturdier but are heavier – honestly, I like both but can’t find the Amazon ones in stock anymore!

For large batches of glaze, you will want something larger like a 5 Gal or 10 Gal Bucket. Lowes or Home Depot are a good source.

Dish Scrubber

These help immensely in pushing glazes through sieves!

TIP: You can also get them at the dollar store!

60 & 80 Mesh Sieves

$24.95/ each at

Don’t skip this step – these are essentials!!!

Drill Mixer Bit

Another essential for large batches.  However, you can use the emulsion blender for smaller batches.

The drill I use is a cordless Chicago Electric from Harbor Freight – they don’t seem to sell it anymore – any cordless or cordless drill should work though!

Val Cushing’s Handbook

If you’re interested in getting this book, call (877) 744-8823 and try to order it directly. With shipping, it cost me $35.21.  This was still available as of 2017…

Looks like this is also available here: – Publications for $26.00 + shipping

John’s Britt’s Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes

Great resource and there is a Facebook group that shares information.

Mastering Cone 6 Glazes by John Hesselberth & Ron Roy

This used to be electronic only – I have it on an old iPad – and literally bought this today when I saw a hard copy for sale!  This is a great resource!