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This is a page full of items I use, like, and recommend – my favorites! Shopping through these links helps support this site! I don’t use banner ads or push items I don’t buy for myself! Of course, you could also just buy my art here: 

This Week's Coupon at Michaels.comFirst, if you do any kind of craft or make any kind of art, you need to know about the coupons from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.  When I first started art classes in college, I had a teacher that let us know about this hack. If you are patient, in that you can bear with just getting one item at a time, you can use a coupon and save a lot of money on your supplies in store. 

This is an easy way to save money on your supplies!

The Hobby Lobby Coupon can be found here:

Not that I endorse the practice of taking advantage of corporate conglomerates, but I knew several struggling art students that would spend a day going in and out of the store so they could afford their art supplies.  I never heard of anyone getting reprimanded for this, but use this knowledge at your own risk!  You never know, they may have a banned forever list!

Some other great websites that offer really good pricing on Pottery/Ceramics specific items are:

For clay and glaze materials, if you can, try and find a local supply shop.  The cost of shipping on these items is really high due to the weight and unless you buy in enough bulk, it is usually worth monthly or quarterly drive if it is within a few hours of your location.

If you are in Southwest Missouri, my favorite suppliers are:

I just bought this dog bed for my studio! Sometimes my pups start going crazy out in the backyard and I make them come into the studio to calm down. This gives their little rumps a place the sit off the cold ground!  It looks easy to clean and also wont sit directly on the dusty floor. I will update with what I think after I test it in the studio for a bit! UPDATE: They love it, and I can throw it outside if it is sunny so they have a nive spot close to the studio to sunbathe too!  When they are in the studio, it helps keep them off the dusty ground 🙂

Treats for Pups that I am currently using for my pups. The OraVet was recommended by my vet, and so far, I like them much more than the Greenies – we are on our fourth bag and they seem to help with the ominous death breath. They take longer to chew and require more chewing to eat! I am testing the Zuke’s now – trying to replace all the treats they got spoiled with having a Bark Box subscription last year! UPDATE: The Zuke’s mini’s were weird.  I think they had bits of bone in them.  Tiny – but be forewarned.  Otherwise, they like them and don’t seem bothered by this.

Treats for Me I am currently testing this – I will update if it works! I really like non-microwaved popcorn, but popping is a pain in the rear – this seemed like a good compromise and had really good reviews.  I do see the irony in it being microwavable!  UPDATE: I bought a second one and have gained 10 lbs.  That should be explanation enough. IT IS AMAZING.

My lazy bed setup: I love this thing. If you spend time in bed watching TikTok or YouTube, you will appreciate this. It keeps my dogs from stepping on everything, and I can easily move it out of the way when I am not using it!


The above table and the below pillow were a game changer for me. I fell on ice TWICE this year so have spent a lot of time just trying not to move this past winter. The pillow is firm enough to keep me upright instead of slowly sliding down as I work on things. HIGHLY recommend both!


Thank you for buying from my favorites and supporting my site!