The Goddess Metaphor

Almost all major religions center a male “god”.   I am pulling from the feminist historic use of the “Goddess Metaphor”, not because of a belief in any sort of supreme being, male of female, but because I want my forms to be unforgivingly female in a male-oriented society.  In fact, one of the main counter arguments to the Feminist Goddess Movement is that we will never know what our pre-historic ancestors worshipped, despite the large number of figurines and carvings depicting women that have been found. To me, the Goddess is a metaphor for striking balance in imbalance.  
This metaphor is meant to empower women (and men) to come together and make a difference.  Though women’s rights have come a long way, we still have a long way to go.   As long as there is inequality between the sexes, as long as we have to fight for our right to chose, as long as rape culture persists, this metaphor remains relevant.